Creative Commons

Creative CommonsI recently put together some slides for a discussion we had on UAL’s APP Open Education Practice (OEP) unit. This focussed on ‘Creative Commons’ licensing and showed examples of useful online resources and sites using ‘Creative Commons’ licensing – the examples link through to the live sites. The slides are available here. Absolutely essential reading on Creative Commons is John Casey’s “Creative Commons Licenses – are they right for you?” – which you can access at

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OEP - the hands-on bit

Recently I had the opportunity to take part in the fascinating inaugural day of UAL’s Open Educational Practice (OEP) unit of CLTAD’s Academic Practice Provision (APP).

The slides I used to introduce my workshop introducing, testing and discussing some of the tools which can be useful for OEP are available @:

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An interesting video dealing with the use of…

An interesting video dealing with the use of copyrighted digitised media in education – the opportunities and threats from the artists and educators points of view. This appears to be a balanced and informative film which also mentions Creative Commons licences. And if you are interested in knowing more about Creative Commons licences check out

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